Natural herbs serve the purpose of alternative treatment as safe, cheap and effective complementary and alternative medicine with no side effects. Here are the topmost herbs that are good for heart health;


  1. Arjuna: Arjuna decoction with milk is a powerful heart tonic that improves insulin affectability and strengthens cardiovascular muscles, improves bloodstream flow with proper oxygen-binding for a healthy heart. 


  1. Bhumiyamalaki: Manages high sugar level with its bitter & astringent taste properties assisting with improving digestion and controlling the glucose level in the blood, the leading cause of heart-related illness.


  1. Garlic: Aids in strengthening immunity & balancing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Forestall hypertension, prevents platelet accumulation and improves blood circulation to the heart and other organs of the body.


  1. Bay leaf: Rich in an array of antioxidants important in advancing heart wellbeing. Reinforces the heart walls and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Encourages to improve cardiovascular functioning and brings down the risk of heart disorders.


  1. Shatavari: Natural heart-tonic and a cardio-defensive herb. Aid in loosening up the cardiovascular functioning, valuable in fortifying the heart muscles, dropping cholesterol levels in the blood and preventing cholesterol accumulation in arteries, which lessens the danger of atherosclerosis, heart blocks, blood clusters, and so on.


Coronary illness is a term used to portray several conditions, a large number of which are identified with plaque accumulation in the blood vessels, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, heart failure etc. Ayurveda herbs are more potent and have an imperative effect on the cardiovascular system functioning both in terms of efficacy and safety.