The medical disorder known as varicose veins causes the veins, which are typically found in the legs, to enlarge, become convoluted, and become bloated. Venous blood travels from the feet to the heart in an upward direction. The veins have specific valves that support the blood's upward flow.

The valves can become weaker as a result of fatigue, extended standing, menopause, and various other conditions. The direction of the blood flow is impacted by this, due to which, some of it leaks and causes back flow. The afflicted veins turn blue, crimson, or bluish-brown in colour. Additionally, there is dryness, which causes excruciating itching. 

Varicose veins can be treated surgically and non-surgically in a variety of ways. The most popular treatment is ayurvedic because of its efficiency and little to no adverse effects.

There are several Ayurvedic medications that efficiently treat varicose veins, including the following:

  1.       Kaishoraguggulu is a clear choice for varicose veins because it is a natural blood cleaner.
  2.        Sarivadyasava: It significantly contributes to the blood's natural detoxification and rejuvenation. 
  3.        Chirabilvadikashaya: It works wonders for haemorrhoids and ultimately for the dilated veins issue. 
  4.        Varanadikashayam: it is an excellent blood purifier and clears the obstruction in the vessels. 
  5.        SukumaraKashayam: it fortifies the blood related issue and strengthens the blood vessels. 
  6.        Guluchyadikashayam: It helps in liver detoxification.
  7.        Punarnavadi Kashaya: the swelling built up over the limbs due to the dilated veins are rectified through the proper use of this medication.
  8.        GokshuradiGuggulu: stagnation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage is eased through this. 
  9.        Other drugs for the said condition are- Sahacharadi: This incredible natural oil offers wonderful relief. Saha charadi can do wonders when gently applied to the varicosed vein or veins 
  10.       Treatments include- Abhyanga is a sort of Ayurvedic massage in which the entire body is covered in warm oil laced with herbs. It's thought to restore harmony to your doshas.
  11.         Leech treatment- The goal of leech therapy is to improve blood flow around varicose veins. A leech naturally secretes a substance that thins the blood when it clings to your skin. As the leech feeds, this keeps the blood flowing in the affected area.
  12.        Enema treatment-Medicated enemas are used as part of this therapy. These are given rectally according to a set timetable. They include a range of organic ingredients, just like Ayurvedic medications.
  13.        Shashtikashalipindasweda – this is the therapy done externally, using the warm medicated milk decoction and the red rice. This reduces the tension over the veins and strengthens them.