Dincharya or daily schedule is totally important for healthy coordination of body, mind, and consciousness. Routine assists with setting up equilibrium in one's body constitution and likewise regularizes an individual's circadian clock. Dinacharya must be practised before anything else in the morning hours to maintain a connection to the circadian rhythms of nature. 


  1. Wake up early at Brahma-muhurta preferably between 4.00-5.30 a.m.
  2. Drink lukewarm water early in the morning to cleanse the body of the toxic wastes.
  3. Proper elimination by having 1-3 bowel movements per day is considered healthy and regular.
  4. Clean the tongue with a long flexible strip of copper metal or plant twig to improve appetite and digestion. 
  5. Do oil pulling by swishing 1-2 tbsp of coconut/ sesame oil in the mouth for 10-15 minutes and then spit it off. Massage the gums afterwards with residual oil and use lukewarm water to spit it off. 
  6. Brush the teeth with soft brushes or twigs of Khadira, Karanja, Apamarga etc.
  7. Do eye-wash with Triphala phanta to prevent eye diseases and promote vision. 
  8. Regularly instil 2-3 drops of sesame oil or clarified butter into each nostril every day to clear, moisturize, and protect the nasal passageways & sinuses. 
  9. Body massage/ Abhyanga with sesame oil for healthy soft skin, free movement of joints, proper circulation & elimination of metabolic wastes.
  10. Daily physical exercise including yoga, breathing techniques & guided meditation helps to build up stamina and improve immunity. 
  11. Bathing daily to improve immunity, strength, appetite, the span of life and removes toxins from the body. 
  12. Healthy breakfast for proper energy & nutrients to “seize the day,” as well as, stoke the digestive fire. 


Each choice made for the duration of the day affects the way one looks and feels, the nourishments one eats and the subtle thoughts that cloud the mind. Regardless of whether it is something that one might want to admit or not, the facts demonstrate that the daily regime must be a basic part of maintaining long-term wellbeing.